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Articles online in 2011

The World Atlas by Millennium House: Edited South America pages

Using Public Transportation in Bogota: Nile Guide

Travels With Rambo: Sidetracked Magazine

Tranquilandia Transformed in Colombia: Perceptive Travel

Smug and Married: I am Staggered

Wedding “Favours” Just a Martha Stewart Creation? : I am Staggered

I am in a World of Pain: I am Staggered

Retire to Cartagena, Colombia: Retire Worldwide

I am Not a Bigamist, Are You?: I am Staggered

The Joropo Festival, Villavicencio, Meta : Nile Guide

Colombian Bureaucracy: I am Staggered

Kicking Back, Cartagena: Global Traveller USA

Nile Guide Blog: UN Condemns Colombia for Flood Management

Nile Guide Blog: Colombian Fast Food Delicacies: The Picada

The FIFA U20 World Cup: Welcome Back Colombia: Global Football Today

Nile Guide Blog: 3 Quintessentially Colombian Experiences for May

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You this But….:I am Staggered

Nile Guide Blog: The Vallenato Festival, Colombia

Nile Guide Blog: Easter Week in Colombia

Nile Guide Blog: Want to Learn Spanish? Come to Colombia!

Nile Guide Blog: Travelling to Minca, Colombia’s New Tourism Hot Spot?

Nile Guide Blog: Weddings in Cartagena

Nile Guide Blog: Security in Colombia

Nile Guide Blog: Semana Santa in Colombia

Nile Guide Blog: Colombia’s Fluvial Route 66

Nile Guide Blog: Bogota is a Warzone

Nile Guide Special Report: 25 Places to See before they Change Forever (No.19): The Lost City, Colombia

Everything Can be Done Manana in Colombia: I am Staggered

The Calvary of Mompox: Response to El Tiempo article: Matador Blog

Romancing the Stone in Colombia: I am Staggered

Richard McColl interviewed in El Tiempo newspaper as Travel Journalist and Michelin author

Araracuara: A Telling Place: the City Paper, Bogota

Becoming the Local: Matador Blog

Notes on Painting and Place – Loule and Mompos: Matador Blo

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Articles online in 2010

The State of the Floods in Mompos: Travel Blog

Michelin Green Guide Colombia: Author

Day in the Life of an Expat in Mompos, Colombia: Travel Blog

Brick by Brick, Bogotá builds its economic prospects as a vibrant business and cultural hub: Global Traveller USA 

Pueblos colombianos para enamorarse:

Richard McColl mentioned in Colombia Reports Article on Magdalena River floods

Jack Greenwell, England’s Most Legendary Journeyman Coach: Global Football Today

Nukak dispossession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plight: BBC

Richard McColl interviewed by El Heraldo of Barranquilla

Swapping Cocaine for Tourism in Guaviare, Colombia: MatadorTrips.


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Articles Online in 2009

Colombia: The Forgotten Conquistador, CNN Traveller

Bogota’s Banksy? Political Graffiti from Colombia’s Capital: Matador Nights

More than a Waterway: Panama, At the Helm Magazine

Why Brazil Won’t Win the World Cup: Orato

Interview by El Colombiano Newspaper in Medellin

Stories of Travel Terror: The Travelers Notebook

The Plight of the Nukak Maku: The City Paper, Bogota

The Future Looks Bright for Panama: The Daily Telegraph

Survivor Stories of Colombian FARC Kidnappings: Matador Goods

Out of Captivity: Book Review, Matador Goods

Colombia: Providencia, A Forgotten Island: South American Explorers Magazine

Luxury Latin America: Hotel Playa Koralia

Bulletproof Kimino, An Interview With Miguel Caballero: Brave New Traveler

Interview with South American Explorers Magazine

Luxury Latin America: Hotel La Opera, Bogota

Luxury Latin America: Hotel Casa Medina, Bogota

Luxury Latin America: La Pasion Hotel, Cartagena

Side By Side (Panama): Global Traveler USA

Closer to the Stars (Bogota): Global Traveler USA

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Articles Online in 2008

flautistForest of Statues, San Agustin, Colombia: South American Explorers Magazine

Trekking the Inca Trail
Trekking the Inca Trail

How to Trek the Inca Trail: Matador Trips


Colombia’s Tourism Boom Set to Continue: Travelbite

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Articles online from 2007 – 2008

Treasure Island: CNN Traveller

Seeking Garcia Marquez Magic in Colombia: BBC online

En Busca de Macondo: BBC Mundo

Mompox: Hosteltrail

Aracataca: Hosteltrail

Valledupar: Hosteltrail

Nuqui: Hosteltrail

Bahia Solano: Hosteltrail

Barrancabermeja: Hosteltrail

Quibdo: Hosteltrail

40th Vallenato Festival: Traverse Magazine

Bogota Travel Guide: Travelbite

Colombia Proving More and More Popular With Brits: Travelbite 

Colombia, A Long Way From Home: The Independent

Should’ve Been There: 100 % Pure Colombia: Running Times


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