Articles online in 2010

The State of the Floods in Mompos: Travel Blog

Michelin Green Guide Colombia: Author

Day in the Life of an Expat in Mompos, Colombia: Travel Blog

Brick by Brick, Bogotá builds its economic prospects as a vibrant business and cultural hub: Global Traveller USA 

Pueblos colombianos para enamorarse:

Richard McColl mentioned in Colombia Reports Article on Magdalena River floods

Jack Greenwell, England’s Most Legendary Journeyman Coach: Global Football Today

Nukak dispossession highlights Amazonian tribes’ plight: BBC

Richard McColl interviewed by El Heraldo of Barranquilla

Swapping Cocaine for Tourism in Guaviare, Colombia: MatadorTrips.



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4 responses to “Articles online in 2010

  1. Hi and thaks for a nice blog about Colombia!
    Would you like to exchange links?
    Our blog is:

    Regards Paulo

  2. Thanks for refering our blog. The link to the website is:

    I have linked to you too.


  3. William

    Hello Richard:

    I’m an acting associate producer for an American production company that’s planning on shooting in Medellin, Colombia in late June; I wanted to reach out to you regarding possible contacts for a fixer in that area?

    Thanks for your time!

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