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Articles Online in 2009

Colombia: The Forgotten Conquistador, CNN Traveller

Bogota’s Banksy? Political Graffiti from Colombia’s Capital: Matador Nights

More than a Waterway: Panama, At the Helm Magazine

Why Brazil Won’t Win the World Cup: Orato

Interview by El Colombiano Newspaper in Medellin

Stories of Travel Terror: The Travelers Notebook

The Plight of the Nukak Maku: The City Paper, Bogota

The Future Looks Bright for Panama: The Daily Telegraph

Survivor Stories of Colombian FARC Kidnappings: Matador Goods

Out of Captivity: Book Review, Matador Goods

Colombia: Providencia, A Forgotten Island: South American Explorers Magazine

Luxury Latin America: Hotel Playa Koralia

Bulletproof Kimino, An Interview With Miguel Caballero: Brave New Traveler

Interview with South American Explorers Magazine

Luxury Latin America: Hotel La Opera, Bogota

Luxury Latin America: Hotel Casa Medina, Bogota

Luxury Latin America: La Pasion Hotel, Cartagena

Side By Side (Panama): Global Traveler USA

Closer to the Stars (Bogota): Global Traveler USA


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